Shimla to Delhi Road Trip: Midway Stops and Things to Do

Shimla to Delhi is a road trip like no other. The road is excellent and there are many
interesting stops along the way. Somehow, driving downhill to Delhi seems easier and faster
than driving up to Shimla on the same road. Also, when people are driving to Shimla, they
don’t usually have time to take stops but on the way back, there are lots of things that you
can see and do if you have the time.


How can I go from Shimla to Delhi?

shimla to delhi road trip

The best way to travel from Shimla to Delhi is via Highway 5, Highway 152 and then
Highway 44. This is the fastest route and is also called the “Ambala Route” but there are
other ways, which take a little longer but are more scenic and less congested.

The second route is called

the “Yamunanagar Route” and this takes you through Highway 5
and Highway 44. This route is more scenic and goes through many forests and wildlife
sanctuaries. This is the best route for nature lovers if you do not mind spending another hour
or two on your way to your destination.

The third route takes even longer and goes via highway 7 and then NH 344. This is also
called the “Dehradun Route” and takes you through hills and mountainous areas. It is perfect
for thrill seekers who want to see new places and enjoy driving in the hills.


How much time will it take to go from Shimla to Delhi?

The Delhi to Shimla distance by road is about 350 Km, which can be easily covered in 7-8
hours if one takes the standard Ambala Route. Of course, the travel time depends on the
number of stops and detours you take along the way and the amount of time you spend at
these stops.

The Yamunanagar Route takes approximately 11-12 hours whereas the Dehradun Route
takes about 12-13 hours. As discussed, the Dehradun Route goes through winding
mountainous roads, which take a long time and is sometimes quite narrow, leading to
blockages and delays.


Where to stop between Shimla and Delhi?

The best thing about a road trip is that you can go at your own pace and stop wherever you
want. Depending on the mood of the passengers and the time available, you can make any
number of stops between Shimla and Delhi.

Along the way, there are interesting eateries, rest stops and tourist places but there are also
many scenic areas where one can park and take a break. City dwellers usually like to stop at
lush fields and quaint villages to get some interesting photos and large groups have to stop
multiple times to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Besides scenic areas and interesting roadside eateries, there are some popular places that
people usually prefer to stop and see. These include the Wildlife Sanctuary in Chail, the
Purana Qila in Panipat, the Rock Garden in Chandigarh and much more.

Chail is a scenic and unspoiled destination with great views of the valley below and ample
natural beauty. It is only an hour or so from Shimla depending on the route you take and well
worth the visit. You can easily find a nice spot here for a quiet picnic where you can rest and
take some pictures surrounded by nature.

The Purana Quila in Panipat is also worth visiting. As you may know, Panipat is a historic
place where three of the most important battles in Indian history were fought. The Purana
Quila or Old Fort in the city tells of its ancient history and rich heritage. Depending on when
you arrive, there are guides available here who can take you around and explain the history
and geography of the structure.

The Rock Garden in Chandigarh is also a famous destination popular with Indian and
International tourists alike. Made of industrial waste and recycled building materials, the
garden is an architectural triumph that laid the foundation of “Sustainable Living,” which has
now become very popular. Besides the Rock Garden, Chandigarh has a number of other
worthwhile attractions.

One of the best places to stop for lunch is The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal. Instead of stopping at
roadside Dhabas and eateries, it is better to stop at an established hotel where one can get
proper food, clean restrooms and vital supplies to ensure a safe and smooth journey.
The Vivaan Hotel is the best resort in Karnal and is fully equipped with a wonderful food
court, restaurant and an activity area for travelers. Here, kids and adults can stretch their
legs, shop for essential items and souvenirs and also get something good to eat.

The Vivaan Hotel has one of the best restaurants in Karnal, which serves up Indian as well
as Chinese and Continental dishes in a comfortable and stylish ambience.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Which is the best restaurant between Shimla and Delhi?

Ans. The best restaurant between Shimla and Delhi is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort on Highway 1. It is the most convenient stop for travellers as it is located right on the highway and offers an outdoor Food Court, an indoor Fine Dining Restaurant, rest-stop services, clean washrooms and rooms for overnight stays.

Q2. What are the stopovers between Shimla and Delhi when traveling by road?

Ans. The best stopover between Shimla and Delhi is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal that offers great food, quick service and comfortable rooms for an overnight stay.

Q3. Is there any food court available on Karnal highway during the Shimla to Delhi road trip?

Ans. Yes. There is an impressive food court at the Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal that offers a variety of street food, local specialties and north Indian cuisine for travelers.

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