Hotels near Ambala : Places to Visit & Stay

Ambala is a big city that has become quite important because it is on the main highway that connects Delhi to the west. The city is located about 200 Kms north of Delhi and about 50 Kms south of Chandigarh, making it a popular destination for residents from both cities. If you plan on visiting Ambala, you should research the area wee before your journey and make your hotel bookings in advance as hotels can fill up fast here. In this blog, we will take a look at some places to visit in Ambala and one hotel that is suitable for a stay.

places to visit near Ambala

Visiting Ambala

Ambala attracts thousands of business travellers every day but is also a great place to visit for a vacation. There are a lot of different things that visitors can do here and many places of significance that they can visit. The people are very hospitable and amiable while the food and local culture is interesting to explore. Here is a list of the most important places to visit:

Sisganj Gurudwara: Also known as Baoli Sahib, this is perhaps the most important Gurudwara or Sikh place of worship in Haryana. With beautiful and majestic walls and domes, it is surrounded by a lake and attracts thousands of visitors everyday. The site is said to be significant because Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs himself stayed here for an extended period and gave sermons. Today, visitors can see several items belonging to Guru Gobind Singh and pray at the same spot where he once prayed.

Holy Redeemer Church: Located on Lawrence Street in Ambala, this is a famous Church constructed by the British in the 1800s. The Church collapsed in 1905 and was rebuilt in the original style with high ceilings, impressive towers, gothic roof and beautiful mason work. Today, it is a remnant of the British Raj and is visited by thousands of people everyday.

Jain Mandir: The Jain temple in Ambala is famous as the idols housed here are said to be over 2500 years old. Many of them were found in nearby Pinjore and transported here as this was the closest Jain temple and very popular with locals. There are 4 main idols housed here: Chandraprabha, Parashavnath, Arihanta  and Shatinath. The idol of Shatinath is cut completely in Marble and is considered to be exemplary of the style called the “Pinjore School.”

Indira Park: This is a beautiful nature reserve located in Ambala that is very popular with tourists. The park features exquisite greenery, open spaces, landscaped lawns and manicured hedges. It also has a green house to grow species that require a lot of sunlight to grow. Located in the famous Rai Market area, there are a lot of interesting shops and restaurants around the park that are worth visiting and walking through.

Vaishno Mata Mandir: One of the most popular Hindu temples in Ambala, the Vaishno Mata Mandir is always buzzing with activity. It has a large number of priests who help worshippers and has several idols dedicated to Hindu deities. During festivals, there are many ceremonies performed here that people an participate in. The temple has a very serene and spiritual ambience and is a must visit place for anyone visiting Ambala.

Rani Ka Talab: This is another famous landmark of Ambala that is on everyone’s itinerary as it is a large lake with lush green forests all around. The lake is said to be have been built over 400 years ago and has been extensively restored and reconstituted by the Army, which is stationed nearby. The park is also quite close to Indira Park and has a number of interesting tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity. The Lake is popular with youngsters who come here for picnicking and to spend time on its shores.

Where to stay near Ambala

If you plan on visiting Ambala and are looking for a good hotel to stay in, there is one place that checks off all the right boxes. This is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort conveniently located on NH1, the main highway of the region. From this hotel, one can easily visit the different sites in Ambala and then return to the comfort and luxury of the lavish abode in the evening.

Hotels near Ambala

The Vivaan Hotel is well known for its great food and is hugely popular with tourists travelling on NH1. The hotel has a great sit down restaurant as well as an outdoor food court that serves appetizers and street food from all over India. The Hotel also has a shopping arcade and activity center that is fun for children of all ages. Overall, this is the best place to stay if you come to Ambala.


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