Day Use Hotels in Karnal for Refreshing Respite

The art of traveling requires a subtle balance between rest and momentum for the most enjoyable and effective journeys. Every day, the hospitality industry comes up with new ideas and products to make your trip even smoother and more pleasurable. The latest craze for road trippers is day rooms at luxury hotels that help weary travelers relax and recuperate mid-travel. One such day-use hotel in Karnal is taking the lead by introducing these innovative services to their guests in a big way.

Travelling via Karnal 

Karnal is a major city in North India that lies on the main highway that connects Delhi to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and the lands that lie further west and north. It is famous for the many battles fought near the city and is a bustling urban center today that is a convenient stopping place for travelers. The city is famous for its dhabas that provide residents and visitors with some of the best and freshest north Indian cuisine in the nation. 

Restaurant in Karnal

There are some good hotels in the region but few travellers stop in Karnal for the night. Travelers usually reach Karnal, which is only about 2 hours from Delhi, early in the morning or around noontime and look for a place to rest a while. To meet this demand, more and more hotels here are now offering day rooms that fulfill all the needs of travellers while providing hotels with additional revenue and patronage. 

Advantages of Day Use Hotels: 

Day use rooms provide many important benefits to guests at a reasonable price. They allow guests to rest and recuperate in a tidy environment along with many other important advantages. Let’s take a closer look at how day rooms can ease the burden of travel and provide solutions that are sorely needed: 

1. Sleep: Many accidents occur because drivers are sleep-deprived and unable to concentrate on the road. This could be because the driver did not get proper sleep the previous night or due to general fatigue that can accumulate over time and manifest itself suddenly. Whatever the reason, it is best to stop somewhere and take a nap. Day rooms allow drivers to rest up for a short time and then continue their journey. 

2. Privacy: Travellers can stop and rest anywhere but a day room provides them privacy and creature comforts that are hard to come by on the road. If you are travelling in a group, day rooms allow you to play noisy games, discuss sensitive matters, organize currency, unpack and repack your baggage and any more conveniences. 

3. Shower facilities: Oftentimes, one gets dirty or sweaty on the road and needs a shower. This is extremely problematic because people are not comfortable in public showers due to reasons of hygiene. A hotel room provides a hygienic and sanitized bathroom where one can take a leisurely or even luxurious shower before proceeding to your destination. 

4. Time Saving: Many of the facilities that one gets with a hotel room can be availed separately but can be time-consuming. At a luxury hotel, one gets all the facilities in one place, which can be very convenient and cost-effective. Travellers can get car cleaning, food, supplies, salon services, shower, rest, laundry and much more in one place for maximum efficiency and comfort. 

5. Cheap price: Hotel rooms have always been an alluring choice for travellers but are often not utilized due to their cost. A hotel room for one night can cost a lot of money but day rooms can be rented according to the time you need and depending on availability, can be a very cost-effective solution for travellers. The Karnal Hotel room price can be as low as Rs. 2800 for 12 hours and includes luxurious services along with warm hospitality. 

Best Day-Use Hotel in Karnal

The Vivan Hotel & Resort is one of the best hotels & resorts in Karnal originally rose to fame as a reliable and convenient rest stop on the Old Grand Trunk Road, also called National Highway 1. Its amicable hospitality, mouth-watering hot food and clean facilities made it the preferred place for families, commuters, adventurers and transporters going to Chandigarh and beyond from Delhi.

The Vivaan Hotel has come a long way since its heyday as a bustling roadside restaurant. Today, it has built up an impressive luxury hotel with contemporary rooms and over 10 different venues for parties, weddings and events. The Hotel also has a shopping gallery and an outside play activity area that is a lot of fun. 

Day use hotel in Karnal

Guests coming to the The Vivaan in Karnal can now also rent day rooms at a fraction of the cost of reserving a room for the night. These rooms are ideal to catch a nap, take a shower and load up on supplies before continuing along the way. The rooms feature contemporary design, modern fixtures and impeccable service while the suites are spacious abodes that are fit for a single person, couple or group. 

So the next time you are travelling to Chandigarh or a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, break your journey in Karnal with a day room to ensure that you and your group get the maximum comfort and convenience possible. Breaking the journey will slow down the hectic pace and make you feel like you are at home. As the adage goes, travel fast and you are always on the road, travel slow and you are always at home. 


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