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Murthal is a must-visit destination. Located only 45 Kms north of Delhi and 85 Kms from Karnal, this tiny village in Haryana initially became popular as a convenient place to stop for travellers and truck drivers looking to get a quick bite to eat. Murthal has since evolved into a hip and happening place where one can find all kinds of food joints, smart shops and a young crowd.

The main reason for Murthal’s meteoric rise as a popular tourist destination is its location. It is ideally placed on the Grand Trunk Road at the nexus of several important routes. The Grand Trunk Road has been the main artery of India for over 2500 years and connects Delhi and other cities in the north to Punjab, Himachal and beyond. For millions of people who travel this route every year, Murthal is the ideal place to stop.

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Only an hour away from Delhi, Murthal has also become popular with youngsters who want to go for a drive or a short trip outside the city. On weekends, one can see a bevy of interesting vehicles including modified racing cars and expensive bikes parked outside various eateries. Smartly dressed “Road Enthusiasts” are often seen milling around the by-lanes, giving the place a “Fast and Furious” kind of feel.

Since Trunk Road is busy 24 hours a day, Murthal is open throughout the night. This makes it a party place where people come in groups and often stay over at some of the hotels and resorts in the area. Many people come from Delhi only to taste the legendary food at this Foodies Paradise and then return to their hometown late into the night.

Foodies Paradise

The high demand for quality food, a ready supply of fresh ingredients and a local culture that emphasizes hospitality has made Murthal a veritable paradise for food lovers. Here, you will find every kind of cuisine and sub-cuisine imaginable and the best part is that the prices are very competitive and the taste is par excellent at most places. Here are some of the most popular dishes to sample here:


Parathas: The original reason for Murthal’s success, the parathas here are big, soft and smothered with country butter. They are the perfect travel food that gives you energy and a comforting taste without being too heavy on the stomach. If you stop at Murthal, you must try the parathas at least once.

Chole Bhature: Another north Indian staple, the Chole Bhatures here are packed with earthy goodness, rich in protein and full of flavor. They are, however not for weight watchers as the Bhatures are deep fried in ghee and also contain fillings such as cheese and paneer.

Makkai Di Roti: Perhaps the most iconic Punjabi dish, this seasonal delicacy truly shines in Murthal and is traditionally served with Sarson da Saag, gud and a glass of cold lassi. The Saag is jam packed with nutrition while the rotis are a slow burn grain carbohydrate ideal for travel and heavy lifting.

Momos: Popular with students, Momos are a new addition to the menus here but they have taken off like a rocket. These are Tibetan style dumplings filled with different fillings and served with spicy and tangy sauces, making it the perfect snack during a quick rest stop.

Shikanji: Don’t forget to get a cool beverage along with your meal. The many different types of Shikanjis or Lemonades served here use different spices, masalas and flavorings, making it the perfect thirst quenchers while on the road and the perfect accompaniment to a traditional Punjabi meal.

Hotels and Places to Stay

The best part of Murthal is that it is a good place to stay during your travels in the region. Unlike other places, it is not at all deserted and very safe at night due to heavy policing and constant traffic. There are several good hotels here which are also very convenient if you are in the area for a party or event and don’t want to drive back late at night.

Resorts near Murthal

One good resort near Murthal for a stop or an overnight stay is the Vivaan Hotel located on Highway 1 near Karnal. This is a modern and luxurious hotel that has comfortable rooms, great service and delicious food. It is also a great pace to host an event as they have many great venues at their property for gatherings of different sizes.

Unlike many other places, The Vivaan Hotel has a luxurious fine dining restaurant for an elevated dining experience but also has an outdoor food court if you are short on time and want a quick snack. Despite the heavy competition, this is regarded as the best place to stop if you want to sample the legendary food of this region.













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