Best Resort on your Route from Panipat to Karnal

The journey from Panipat to Karnal is short but sweet. The route is studded with scenic sights and stops that make the journey a pleasure to traverse. Although the Panipat to Karnal distance is only about 30 Kms, this famous stretch is dotted with Dhabas and restaurants serving delectable local delicacies.

This region is the heart of “India’s Breadbasket” and surrounded by fertile fields and farms that grow staple crops. For eons, this has been a popular route connecting Delhi to Punjab and the foothills of the Himalayas.


The Journey

To go to Karnal, one needs to get out of Panipat and join the main highway called Highway 1 or Highway 44. This is the fastest, best and most popular route that has the best places to stop.

There are 2 Toll Plazas between Panipat and Karnal that charge Rs. 90 and Rs. 140 approximately. However, there is another way to travel to Karnal and avoid these tolls, but it takes an additional 20-30 minutes to cover.

From Panipat, one can also take the route via Munak, Gagsina, Sataundi and Barota using NH709A. This route runs to the west of NH44 and is longer, less popular and more scenic.


The Stops

The many stops in the Panipat to Karnal route include some interesting historical sites, natural lakes, ancient monuments and interesting eateries. As soon as one gets out of Panipat and onto Highway 1, there is an interesting menagerie of shops and eateries.

One interesting place to stop along the way is the Indo-Israeli Centre of Excellence for Vegetables. This is a joint collaboration between the governments of India and Israel and a part of a global network of institutes dedicated to improve technologies related to agriculture.

Another important place to see along the way is the Kos Minar.

Historic pillar from medieval times that was built by Sher Shah Suri to mark the ancient Grand-Trunk Road that was the lifeline of northern India and connected it to Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Early European travellers marveled at this ancient communication system that acted as measurements and milestones. The word “Kos” is a derived from a Sanskrit word, meaning “one-fourth” and was used as a measurement of distance in ancient times. Incredibly, these markers still serve an important purpose.

The Sojourn

One of the best places to stop along the way is The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal. Located right next to Highway 1, this hotel is a welcome oasis of modern architecture and evolved gastronomy. Here, travellers can avail of many facilities such as clean washrooms, car cleaning, children’s activities, tuck shops and more.

The Vivaan Hotel is built in a modern style with ample parking, an outdoor food-court and an indoor fine dining restaurant. At the restaurant, one can get an amazing breakfast buffet in the morning and a fine selection of multi-cuisine dishes throughout the day.

This is best restaurant in Karnal that is most popular with travellers and provides the best food at the most reasonable prices. It is long considered the gold standard of places where discerning travelers stop before continuing on their journey.

Travelers can also stay in Karnal for the night if they are so inclined. The hotel provides excellent and well-maintained rooms that are comparable to most five star properties. They also have spacious suites with large balconies and attached sitting areas for enhanced comfort and luxury.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is the travel distance and travel time from Panipat to Karnal?

Ans. The driving distance from Panipat to Karnal is around 30 Kms, which takes less than an hour to cover.

Q2. Where should I stay in Karnal?

Ans. The best place to stay in Karnal is The Vivaan Hotel & Resort. This hotel is famous for its great food, comfortable rooms and impeccable service. It is conveniently located on the highway and strategically placed to provide a rest stop for travellers.

Q3. How can I enjoy a staycation at The Vivaan Hotel & Resort?

Ans. Residents of Karnal, Panipat and nearby areas can enjoy a staycation at the Vivaan Hotel & Resort by simply driving to the hotel, checking in and switching off. At the Vivaan, they can enjoy a plethora of tasty dishes, get pampered at the well-appointed rooms and engage in a host of fun activities.

Q4. Is there a restaurant on Karnal highway?

Ans. Yes. There is a good restaurant at the Vivaan Hotel & Resort on the Karnal Highway that serves delicious multi-cuisine fare amidst a great ambience. It also has an outdoor food court that serves appetizers and street-food from all over India.


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