Luxury Resorts Near Delhi: A Weekend Getaway from the City

Delhi is an expensive and congested city, but there are some amazing and unique luxury resorts nearby that are ideal for a quick getaway, mini vacation or private party. Depending on your preferences and which direction you travel towards, there are some great luxury resorts in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab that are well within driving distance from Delhi. In this blog, we will take a closer look at luxury resorts near Delhi and then zero in on one optimal resort.

Luxury resorts near Delhi

In fact, travel aficionados from Delhi often have a favorite place that they visit regularly for time away from the city. Having a regular go to place makes it easier and more comfortable to plan impromptu getaways and gatherings because you are familiar with the experience. On special occasions, you always have the option of an out-of-town celebration with friends or family members without the risk of trying out a new place.

Where to go

One of the best routes out of Delhi is the Old Grand Trunk Road. Now called Highway 1, this is a historic route that has always connected Delhi and the cities further south to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and the west. Along this route, there are some major towns and tourist destinations that one can reach easily from Delhi. If you have the time, you can decide to take a break here and then travel further towards the foothills of the Himalayas or the undulating fields of Punjab.

This northwestern route is also very suitable for a road trip because it is a well constructed stretch of highway that is extremely safe to travel at all times. Once you get out of Delhi, you hit the towns of Sonipat, Panipat and Karnal, which are all suitable candidates for a getaway and have good luxury resorts along with some of the best dhabba food in north India.

What to look for in a luxury resort

Besides being ensuring that the establishment is close to Delhi and located on a major travel route, what you want in a luxury resort is heavenly rooms, great service and a proximity to nature. It would be a shame to travel all the way from Delhi just to stay in another urbanized area polluted by sound, light and smoke. Lets take a look at some of the factors that one should look at when selecting a resort:

Location: As discussed, the resort must be located near Delhi and surrounded by nature. It should also be easy to get to and close to some intersecting places that one can visit if the mood arises. The ideal location would be a property close to he highway for easy access.

Food: One of the most important but overlooked aspects of a resort is the quality of food that it serves. If you are thinking of finding a place on the the stretch of highway between Delhi and Chandigarh, you will most probably be in for a real treat as the area is famous for its great food and legendary dhabbas. You will enjoy wholesome country food made from fresh ingredients that grow in the nearby farms.

restaurant in Karnal near Delhi NCR

Age: The newer the property, the more amenities and modern conveniences is likely to have. Unless you are staying in a heritage property, it is best to go for newly made hotels and resorts that are unspoiled by use and misuse. This gives the guests a novel and exiting experience and also ensure that everything works smoothly.

Size: When it comes to choosing a resort, you don’t want something too small or too big. Many resorts are built like large factories over huge campuses that become a chore to navigate, especially if you are there for a short stay. It is much better to stay at a medium size or even small size resort that has all the facilities and also offer warm, personalized hospitality.

Price: Even when you are in the market for a luxury resort, price is an important consideration. Luxury resorts can vary widely when it comes to the room rate and it is only natural to want a fair deal. Luckily, there are some great deals to be had at resorts that are away from Delhi but in a area that receives plenty of tourists.

Where to stay

One of the luxury resorts in Karnal near Delhi NCR is The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal. This is a fantastic property that fits all the criteria that we have discussed in this blog. It has luxurious contemporary rooms, great service and a location that is ideal. The resort is located right next to Highway 1 and close to most tourist attractions in and around Karnal. The Resort also has more than 10 great venues for parties and gatherings of all sizes.

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