Delhi to Chandigarh Road Trip

How to Plan & What to See

The Delhi to Chandigarh road trip is a must for any traveller. The distance between the two great cities is only about 300 Km and the road is very good throughout. Additionally, there are many great places to stop along the route to take a break from the journey.

Planning your trip

Every great trip begins with a well-made plan. It is important to plan your trips, pay attention to weather conditions, determine the route you will take, and pack accordingly. You should also check your vehicle and gather the necessary supplies before you hit the road.

Mapping the route is very important. Even though everyone has GPS and navigation systems nowadays to guide them, it is important to know the route beforehand to avoid major mistakes and to be able to improvise if something unforeseen happens.

Although there are many different routes and even more permutations and combinations, the best way to reach Chandigarh is via Highway 44. This route is the main way, which is always open and has the best stops along the way. The route will be Delhi, Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala and then Chandigarh.

Departing Delhi

The hardest part of any road trip from Delhi is departing the city and then reentering Delhi on your way back. As we all know, the city can get very congested and the exits are prone to heavy vehicular traffic and delays.

When departing Delhi, it is always advisable to leave early in the morning. This will ensure that you miss the morning commuter traffic and the late-night truck and cargo traffic. Additionally, it is a great way to start your trip with all your energy and wits about you so you can have a smooth start and a smooth journey.

When departing for Chandigarh, one can get onto Highway 44 directly. This is the longest and most important highway in India that starts from South India and goes all the way to Kashmir. You can also take Highway 9 to Highway 44.

Stops along the way

Upon leaving Delhi, one can feel the landscape change slowly but surely. Commercial buildings and heavy traffic give way to undulating countryside scenes and open fields. The wide road and clear skies act as a tonic and once you have left Delhi behind, there are a lot of places where one can stop, depending on your interests and preferences.

One of the most historical and culturally important places along your route is the City of Karnal. Here, one can check out several important monuments such as the Tomb of Kalendar Shah, the Cantonment Tower and Karnal Taal, and many other tourist spots.

One of the best restaurants on the Delhi – Chandigarh Highway is The Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal. This is a modern hotel and a great place to stop on your journey. It has an outdoor food court and a modern indoor restaurant with excellent facilities for travellers.

One can also stop at Brahma Sarovar, an ancient lake in Kurukshetra, Haryana. It is a sacred place where the Mahabharata is deemed to have taken place and many people visit it for religious, historical or touristic reasons. If one has the time, it is worth checking out.

Once you reach Chandigarh, there are many other places that are worth checking out in or before the city. These include the famous Rock Garden by Nek Chand, Suhana Lake, the Zakir Hussein Rose Garden and many other such places.

Besides the places mentioned in this blog, one could also explore the route on their own and find their way to rural places of interest and roadside establishments. Isn’t that what travel is all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the places between Delhi to Chandigarh?

Ans. The main places between Delhi and Chandigarh are Delhi, Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala and then Chandigarh.

Q2. What is the best restaurant on the Delhi-Chandigarh Highway?

Ans. The best restaurant on the Chandigarh-Delhi Highway is the Restaurant and Food Court at The Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal. It has an outdoor food court and a great indoor restaurant with excellent facilities for travellers.

Q3. What is a Good place for a stopover between Delhi and Chandigarh?

Ans. There are several good places for a stopover between Chandigarh and Delhi where travellers can stop. One of the best places is The Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal, which offers clean facilities, a good restaurant and comfortable rooms for an overnight stay.

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