Famous Foods & Dhabas in Karnal Highway

The Best Dhaba in Karnal that you must stop at!

The Dhabas, or roadside eateries in Karnal, Haryana are world famous. Anyone who has driven past this seminal city knows that there are clusters of small eateries all along the highway that offer amazing food at great prices.

Parathas with white butter, Chole Bhatures, Masala Shikanji, Lassi and other local delicacies are some of Karnal’s famous food items, and everyone has their own set opinion about the best Dhaba on Karnal Highway.

Historically, this is an important stretch of highway, and many travellers, truck drivers, tourists, and convoys pass through this area, including those going to Delhi or coming from Delhi. This is why competition among eateries along this stretch is so stiff and the resulting food is so good.

In this hypercompetitive market, unless your dhaba serves up some delicious fare, it will soon be out of business. Most dhabas have time-tested recipes that are representative of the traditional local cuisine and use only the freshest of ingredients paired with a warm and welcoming attitude.

Nowadays, it has become fashionable for tourists to stop at dhabas, but these establishments are usually geared more towards truck drivers and transporters. This is why most of the dhabas have very low prices and offer places where the drivers can nap or rest for a while before driving on to their destination.

When choosing a dhaba to stop at, it is important to take into consideration its location, ambience, hygiene, food quality, service, and cost. Let’s take a look at these factors and determine the best place to stop.



Always choose a Dhaba that is on the way and does not require a big detour. This will save time and money and reduce the chances that you will get lost or stuck in a jam. Also, the Dhabas on the highway are usually busier and have fresher food than the ones located on back roads. In short, it is best to stop at a dhaba right on the highway.


Ambience and good hygiene

Most dhabas are quite clean and offer fairly good food, but the fare is quite basic and aimed at a different demographic. It can be hard for many city folk to digest the clean but rough dough and unprocessed butter, which are the trademarks of these establishments. Some Dhabas have grown into restaurants, but their cuisine is still based on the Dhaba style.

For many tourists, it may make more sense to stop at an established hotel or restaurant that provides the kind of experience that they are used to. Like Dhabas, Karnal highway restaurants are also very good. Here, tourists will find clean restrooms and other amenities that are more to their liking.


Food and Service

While travelling, one desires good food and great service. There is no point in stopping at a place where the service is slow and the food is not to your taste or preference. Such a stop can spoil your mood and disrupt the rhythm of your travel.

The food must also be good and suitable for travel. If it is too heavy or hard to digest, it may end up spoiling your trip. If it is not savoury and nutritious, you may get hungry in a few hours and have to stop again.



Contrary to popular belief, stopping at a resort is not prohibitively expensive. Given the competitive market, the prices at most resorts in Karnal are comparable to the traditional Dhabas that dot the highway. They are, however, more likely to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment.

There are some very good resorts in Karnal. Chief amongst them is the Vivaan Hotel, located on Highway 1. It has an outdoor food court and an indoor restaurant that serves up some delicious local dishes along with international cuisine in a hygienic and comfortable environment.

The best part of stopping at a resort rather than a traditional Dhaba is that one can spend much more time there, as there are a lot more things to see and do. At the Vivaan Hotel, there is a gift shop, a play area, a business center, car cleaning facilities, and even rooms if one wants to stay the night. Overall, they also have better infrastructure and provide a more consistent experience than even the best Dhabas in the area.

Given the conveniences, added security, and dependability, it makes more sense to stop at a hotel in Karnal rather than a roadside dhaba. Tourists and travellers can get everything they need in one trip and then continue on to their destination without delay.




Q1. What types of foods are available at restaurants in Karnal?

Ans. Most Dhabas and restaurants in Karnal serve traditional dishes like Parathas, Chole Bhature, Lassi and Shikanji.


Q2. What’s on the menu at The Vivaan Hotel & Resorts, Karnal?

Ans. The restaurant and food court of The Vivaan Hotel and Resorts serve multi-cuisine dishes, including North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and local dishes.


Q3. Is Karnal famous for dining?

Ans. Yes. Karnal is famous for its food. The many eateries along the highway make it a competitive food market where the overall taste and quality of food are usually quite high.


Q4. Which is the best Dhaba on Karnal Highway for families with children?

Ans. The best Dhaba on the Karnal Highway is at The Vivaan Hotels and Resorts. It is located right next to Highway 1 and is family-friendly and child-friendly.


Q5. What are the famous dishes at The Vivaan Hotel & Resorts in Karnal?

Ans. Maa ki Daal, Sarson Ka Saag, Biryani, Vegetable Manchurian, and other popular dishes at The Vivaan Hotel and Resorts.

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