Best Place to Celebrate Karva Chauth in Karnal near Delhi

Karva Chauth is the most important festival in India for couples. It is India’s answer to St. Valentines Day and is celebrated with even more enthusiasm and resolve each year. Instead of waning off, this festival is actually becoming more and more popular with even youngsters getting into the act. This year, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate Karva Chauth in style to mark your love.

Karva Chauth is always celebrated on the fourth day of the lunar cycle or the “chauth” and is marked by women fasting throughout the day and then breaking their fast by drinking water from a small earthen pot called a “karva.” The fast can only be broken after the woman sees the moon and is followed by a special dinner with their partner. Karva Chauth can be celebrated by married and unmarried women alike to pray for the safety of their loved one.

dine for karwachauth

The origins of the vastly popular Karva Chauth festival are unclear and vary from community to community. There are many ceremonies and traditions that are attached to this festival that also differ from region to region but the overall purpose remains the same. In ancient times, this practice may have developed amongst military wives to pray for the safe return of their husbands after a day of battle but in modern times, it is a day dedicated to couples and a celebration of their union.

Why Celebrate Karva Chauth

If you are in a relationship of any kind, you should definitely celebrate Karva Chauth. It is a simple gesture of daylong fasting followed by a dinner that can go a long way in strengthening your relationship and demonstrating your commitment to each other. Even if your partner says that they don’t celebrate it, they will surely appreciate you marking the occasion in some way.

In modern times, couples may not be able to engage in long havans or poojas and many women may not have time for intricate Mehndi decorations but every couple has the time to go out for a special dinner on this auspicious occasion. Most hotels and restaurants have special deals and events on this day and it is easy to find a place that suits your needs and level of involvement.

How to celebrate Karva Chauth

On Karva Chauth, there are different types of fasts that women can observe. Some abstain from eating altogether but this is not recommended for everyone. Most women fast by consuming only fruit and beverages while some eat only basic meals. Traditionally, men support the women by also fasting voluntarily and then breaking the fast together after the moon is visible through a sieve.

Another popular aspect of Karva Chauth is group storytelling sessions in which older women relate tales with special meaning and morals to younger girls. Women who are fasting are not permitted to do any housework and are also forbidden from engaging in many other activities. They usually spend the day performing various rituals and spend the evening getting ready in special garb and applying Menhdi.

Best dine for Karwachath near delhi ncr

There is also a special way to end the fast. Women are supposed to view the moon through a sieve or special garment, then view their partner and then perform some ceremonies before breaking the fast. These ceremonies can be performed in a large group or privately with one’s partner and is done to protect the male from harm in the coming year.

Where to celebrate Karva Chauth

To break the fast on Karva Chauth, you can take your partner to a good restaurant or venue that offers a Karva Chauth special dinner. At most places, you will be able to purchase special puja items, engage in Karva Chauth related activities and enjoy a traditional Karva Chauth dinner. For maximum peace and privacy, you can drive down to one of the many great destinations around Delhi for a romantic dinner in an exotic location.

One convenient place near Delhi is Karnal. Here, in the heartland, Karva Chauth is very popular and is celebrated with great pomp. The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal is a social hub in the area and hosts an impressive Karva Chauth celebration near Delhi NCR every year. This year too, the Hotel is offering a special deal for couples that includes a DJ, Anchor, special décor, lucky draw and professional photography to remember the occasion.

The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal is the ideal place to celebrate this festival as they have a convenient outdoor area that has a good view of the moon and also has great food that is famous amongst travellers who know the region. The Hotel also offers some very comfortable rooms and suites for an overnight stay if needed. With contemporary design, modern amenities and great architecture, the Vivaan Hotel is always a pleasure to visit. This Karva Chauth, make sure you take time out to appreciate what’s really important and have fun doing it.

Best dining for Karwa Chauth

Venue Date: November 1, 2023.

Timing: 7 PM onwards

Address: 134 Milestone, NH-1, Jhanjhari, Karnal, Haryana 132001 

Phone: 09896010000

How to Reach:  You can reach Vivaan Hotel & Resort by car. It is one of the best resorts near me in Karnal. Take a 20-minute drive with your better half. It is 2 hr 30 min (195.7 km) away from Delhi NCR. Situated at Eastern Peripheral Expy and NH 44.

Facilities:  DJ with Anchor, Family Photography, Festiva Decor and Mouth Watering Buffet.

Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate love and tradition in style. See you on Karwa Chauth!





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