Hotel in Karnal near Railway Station

One of the best and most underrated ways to travel to Karnal, or anywhere else in India, is by train. Trains in India have improved significantly and are especially good for travel to medium and small-sized towns. Train Stations are usually centrally located with good hotels nearby and Karnal is no different. There are several good hotels near Karnal Railway Station where one can stay overnight.


Travelling by Train

Travel by train is very convenient, fast and economical. The extensive network of train tracks and stations laid down by the British and augmented by the Indian government since independence are not just relics from past times but a fully functional and dependable mode of transportation in the subcontinent.

Trains have the advantage of being more comfortable than driving your own vehicle and also more economical than renting a vehicle for the same journey. The faster, more modern trains of today also take considerably less time and also provide a host of other comforts.

The other advantage of taking a train is that one gets to interact with a variety of different people and a cross-section of society. While driving alone can get boring and monotonous, train journeys are always full of adventure, new experiences and new friendships.

Trains are also great at reaching smaller towns and cities relatively fast by cutting through traffic and avoiding the usual stretches of bad roads that often infest the outskirts of towns. Places like Karnal lie on popular and congested routes and trains are the best and quickest way to reach them.


How to travel to Karnal by train

There are as many as 105 trains that pass through Karnal Station, out of which 50-60 trains stop here. There are over 34 trains that run between Karnal and New Delhi while there are other trains that connect it to Howrah, Jammu, Ajmer, Bandra, Haridwar, Amritsar etc.

Many of these trains like the Shatabdi are fast and comfortable while being clean and modern at the same time. Modern day trains aim to provide the same facilities and amenities as airplanes and long delays are a thing of the past.

Unlike earlier, Train Tickets can now be booked easily. Instead of touts and intermediaries, now one can book Train Tickets on many online platforms and pay using a variety of different methods. Overall, trains have also become more dependable and safer for use by business travellers and commuters, who tend to prefer it over expensive taxis.


Railway Station in Karnal

Karnal has a very good Railway Station. It is considered to be a class “A” Railway Station that was built in 1892 by the British, making it one of the oldest in India and also a heritage site. Since 1892, the facility has gone through several renovations, improvements and upgrades to make it what it is today.

Today, Karnal Railway Station is a formidable and impressive piece of infrastructure that should be utilized. A number of trains from various destinations stop here and it is well connected to many important hubs and towns to the north, west and south.


Where to stay near the Railway Station in Karnal

While there are many hotels in Karnal and several hotels near the Karnal Railway Station, there are very few 4-star and 5-star properties here. One of the few properties with a four-star certification is The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal.

This is a great hotel built for business travellers, families and events. The Vivaan has excellent rooms, great service and amazing food. It is also well connected by road as it is strategically located near the main Highway 44 that runs through this area.

If you are travelling to Karnal by train, The Vivaan Hotel is the best place to stay. Within 15 minutes of the Train Station, guests can get there easily and check-in anytime at its 24-hour Help Desk. The hotel also arranges pick and drop service to the Train Station upon request. So the next time you travel to Karnal, think of trains as not just a viable option but the best one.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1 What is the Starting price of hotels near Karnal Railway Station, Karnal?

Ans. The starting price of a 4 star or 5 star hotel near the Karnal Railway station is around INR 10,000 per night. There are many 1 star hotels and guesthouses that are much cheaper but no good ones.

Q2 How to find the best hotels near Karnal Railway Station, Karnal with all facilities?

Ans. The best hotel near the Karnal Railway Station is The Vivaan Hotel in Karnal. This hotel has all facilities that can be expected from a world-class hotel while being conveniently located near the Train Station.

Q3 Which is the Hotel near Karnal Railway Station, Karnal for your stay?

Ans. The best Hotel near the Karnal Railway Station in Karnal is The Vivaan Hotel. Located 15 minutes away from the Train Station, this is a very comfortable 4-star hotel with modern rooms, great service and amazing food. The Hotel also has several great venues for events and functions.

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