Hotels near Karnal Bus Stand

Karnal is an underrated destination. It does not get the credit and acclaim that it deserves for its strategic location, myriad of tourist activities and the many good restaurants and hotels in Karnal. The city lies on the ancient route that connects Delhi to Punjab and therefore, the best way to get there is by road in your own car or by bus.

Travel by bus has several advantages. It allows for ease and comfort while being cost effective and hassle free. There are many busses that run between Delhi and Karnal, making it a convenient and quick option for solo travellers as well as groups, families and couples.


Advantages of Travelling by Bus

Gone are the days when bus travel was uncomfortable, unsure and unsafe. The new busses of today are luxury exemplified and run according to a strict schedule. Many of them are also equipped with washrooms, screens and carry water and other supplies for a comfortable trip.

Earlier, buses were dirty and overcrowded. With increased competition and the rise of specialized bus services using imported busses, bus travel has evolved to shoulder a considerable burden of the total inter-city travel in India. This has been a boon for the bus industry and also helpful for tourism overall.

Buses nowadays are also very dependable. They do not break down like they used to and are always in contact with control rooms and supervisors. If a bus does break down, it is quickly rescued by a network of partners and sister companies, so that passengers are not inconvenienced.

Many busses nowadays run on electricity and other green fuels. Thus, by travelling by bus, you are not just saving money and resources by using mass transit but also saving the planet by being a green tourist. The resulting ride is smooth, low on pollution and low on sound.


Where is the Karnal Bus Stand?

There are two main Bus Stands in Karnal. The Old Bus Stand is located inside the city at Kheri Naru while the New Bus Stand is located on the highway. While both are well connected with inter-city and intra–city busses, the New Bus Stand is an impressive facility with all modern conveniences.

The New Bus Stand in Karnal is located on Ladwa Road, Baldi and has spacious waiting rooms, clean facilities, many food stalls, numerous ticket counters and all facilities needed for safe and convenient travel. It is a major transportation hub that is well connected to the train station and all major cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala, Panipat etc.

The New Bus Stand also has the advantage of being on the outskirts of the city. This means that travellers do not have to go to the city center and can save time and money by staying on the periphery. This is immensely beneficial for those who want to get in and out without getting stuck in traffic.


Where to stay near the Bus Stand?

One of the best and most convenient places to stay near the New Bus Stand in Karnal is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort on Highway 1. This is a modern hotel with all amenities and facilities and is a pleasure to visit and stay in. If you are visiting Karnal by bus, this hotel is the best choice.

The Vivaan Hotel sports an impressive and acclaimed restaurant, an amazing food court, comfortable rooms and numerous banquet halls of all sizes for parties, weddings, functions, corporate events and more. It is conveniently located within a few Kms of the New Bus Stand and is easy to reach.

One of the main advantages of staying at The Vivaan is its location. Nestled on Highway 1, it provides easy access to many tourist places, cultural centers, marketplaces and transportation hubs of Karnal. So the next time you want to check out a new destination, visit Karnal but remember to travel by bus and stay at the Vivaan.


                                                            Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1 What is the Starting price of hotels near bus stand, Karnal?

Ans. While there are numerous hotels near the Karnal Bus Stand, there are very few four star and five star properties. These charge around Rs. 7000 to Rs. 11,000 per room per night.

Q2 How to find the best hotels near bus stand, Karnal with all facilities?

Ans.The best hotel near Karnal Bus Stand is unequivocally the Vivaan Hotel and Resort. This is a modern hotel with a great location, great food, amazing service and comfortable rooms. It has all the facilities that you would expect from a top tier hotel.

Q3 Which is the Hotel near bus stand, Karnal for your stay?

Ans. The best hotel near the Bus Stand, Karnal is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort. This is the best place to stay in Karnal as it is a modern hotel with a great location, great food, amazing service and comfortable rooms. It is a convenient place to stay, especially if you are traveling by bus.

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