Where To Go Near Delhi For a Romantic Meal This Valentine’s Day

The most important day in the year for those in a relationship is Valentine’s Day. While birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated as par for the course, what you do on Valentine’s Day will define what your partner thinks about you, your spontaneity, and your willingness to take the initiative.

This Valentine’s Day, do not let this opportunity go to waste. Think of creative and novel ways to mark this holiday and do something that will be worth remembering and bragging about. To enhance the experience, try going out of town for a romantic dinner on V-Day.


Plan it Out

Valentine’s Day is not the time for improvisation. Make sure you plan the outing ahead of time and make the necessary arrangements like booking the restaurant, giving special instructions, and buying a good bottle of wine that is sweet but enigmatic.

Do not let trivialities ruin the experience. Make sure you take care of the little things like cleaning your car, topping it up with fuel, buying flowers and a card, packing a small bag, picking out your clothes, and perhaps buying a small but thoughtful present or trinket. These light touches will make or break the outing.

Keep it Classy

When it comes to matters of the heart, budgets are not important. What matters is the care and creativity you put into the package. Simply picking out the most expensive restaurant will not help you but taking adequate care to ensure that your partner has a smooth ride will go a long way.

Spending extra on a few snacks and beverages for the way and making a playlist are some easy ways to impress your partner. There are a million other details that can be finessed or improved upon because when you add it all up, this will make the difference between “I do” and “I don’t.”


Relish the Journey

Do not rush the journey. Impatience and exasperation are decidedly ugly energies that should never be indulged in when courting the hand of a fair maiden. Do not rush things and always allow your partner every courtesy when going on a road trip. When things go wrong, as they will, take it in your stride and treat the situation with humor and wonderment.

Start by being on time and dressed immaculately. Make sure that your partner is comfortable and at ease as you begin your journey. Get on the route that you have planned ahead of time and engage in lighthearted banter as you leave the city.

Along the way, make at least one pitstop. Simply stop the car at the preplanned stop and suggest a break to enjoy the scenery. This may be a good time to pour a glass of wine and nibble on chocolates as if time is irrelevant when you are together.


Enjoy the Destination

The journey is more important but the destination determines the drive. For the best results, pick a restaurant that is out of the way but not ostentatious or flamboyant. For best results, it should be sufficiently obscure and a place that your partner has not visited before.

One good place to go is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal. This is a famous hotel on Highway NH-1 that is not too far away but far enough to provide that out-of-town feeling and ensure that you will run into her relatives accidentally.

What makes The Vivaan special is that it is located on an open stretch of highway and has an excellent restaurant. The hotel has classy architecture and also has comfortable rooms and amenities if you decide to stay overnight.

The restaurant serves brilliant multi-cuisine fare and has the right blend of modern hospitality and traditional warmth. The staff here is also very helpful and is always happy to make special arrangements upon request. Overall, the hotel will not disappoint and soon you will be on the way to relationship bliss.

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