Birthday Party Hall In karnal

What are you planning to do for your Birthday this year? This is a question that I have been pondering on lately as my birthday is fast approaching. No doubt many are faced with the same question year after and year, so this time, I have decided to dissect this issue and hopefully provide some answers.


Celebrating at Home

We all grew up celebrating our Birthdays at our homes, surrounded by school friends and relatives but now times have changed. Gone are the innocent days when we kept our doors unlocked and called strangers into our homes without a second thought.

Nowadays, people do not want to call everyone in their extended circle into their homes for reasons such as lack of comfort., etc. Also, most people who live in large metropolitan cities do not have large lavish homes that can accommodate a big crowd.

If you do plan a party or celebration at your home, no doubt you will face some hardships and hassles before, during and after the event. In todays fast paced world, few have the time and patience to decorate their homes for a birthday party and even fewer want to take the responsibility of playing host to a large, diversified crowd or picking up after the party.


Celebrating at a popular Restaurant

The other option is to celebrate at a restaurant or club that you like. This is a good idea but can turn out to be prohibitively costly. A recent sampling of some bars, restro-bars and clubs revealed that most places demand a ridiculous amount of money for sub-par facilities and services.

Most people will be hard pressed to name a single venue that is perfect for their special day in all aspects. Most venues charge high prices for food and beverages while being unable to provide simple amenities like working washrooms, proper ventilation and temperature control.

Worst of all, the staff at most places lack the basic decency ad delicacy to ensure a smooth and happy time for the Birthday Boy, let alone his many guests. Most staff members seem to be from the security industry rather than the hospitality sector and after a string of unhappy incidents lately, people are reticent to trust restaurants with their special day.


Destination Birthdays

The only solution, it seems, barring a rich uncle with a princely estate, is to escape the city and smuggle out a few trusty friends and some bottles of booze with you to the wide open spaces outside the city that can provide a modicum of peace and calm, so you can relax for a few precious moments on your special day.


Where to go

The best part of hosting a “Destination Birthday” is that the place is not important. You are not trying to impress your friends or buy their affections by taking them on a luxury cruise to a private island. All you need is a safe environment that is dependable, comfortable and calm. This is harder than you think.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being invited to a birthday party in Karnal. At first, I was reticent to go because of the long journey but then changed my mind and decided to give it a shot after being personally assured by the hostess that she would be providing transportation.

Intrigued, I showed up early at the “pickup Location” and was pleasantly surprised to see a big bus that had been hired by her to take us to Karnal. My doubts and hesitations evaporated as I sunk into the comfortable seats of the specially decorated bus.

Looking back, the journey was as much fun, if not more, than the party itself. While all the details of the affair cannot be divulged due to a myriad of reasons, suffice to say that this was a very enjoyable experience that everyone must try at least once.


The Destination

Celebrate your Birthday in Karnal

Depending on the size and nature of your celebration, The Vivaan offers 11 different venues ranging from intimate rooms that accommodate around 20-50 people to large, gargantuan spaces that can accommodate over 3000 people.

The hotel also offers modern accommodations, great food and a great location for any type of party or celebration. The hotel specializes in events and has all the experts and infrastructure in place to make your event a rip-roaring success!


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