Weddings Near Panipat : Celebrate Your Special Day in Enchanting Surroundings

Panipat is not just a great tourist destination but also one of the best places to host a dreamy destination wedding with all the fixings. This ancient city lies 100 Kms north of Delhi and 150 Kms south of Chandigarh, making it the strategic center of the Gangetic heartland. This is why so many famous battles were fought on its fertile plains and why it is the ideal location for a destination wedding.

Why Panipat?

Panipat is conveniently located at the nexus of several important roadways and easily accessible for people coming from all directions. Being a tourist town, it is also well equipped with tourism and transportation infrastructure that makes travelling to Panipat a pleasure. Everything that you need is readily available here and the culture is very welcoming.

The town also has a large number of interesting sites that are worth checking out when you visit this fascinating region. Amongst the most popular are: The Tomb of Ibrahim Lodi, Panipat Museum, Panipat Battlefield Museum, Devi Temple, Biodiversity Park, Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar and the Kabuli Bagh Mosque.

Besides it’s many tourist sites, Panipat is also famous for its ancient textile industry. Here, you can buy exquisite textiles that are considered to be the finest in the world by experts and exported all over the globe. You can procure them them at a very reasonable price and also learn more about how they are made.

This belt is also famous for its agricultural products. The grain grown here is very popular and known for its nutritious quality. This is why the local food and cuisine of this region is highly evolved and a pleasure to sample. If you are planning a destination wedding here, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to local delicacies and international selections alike.

How to Plan?

Begin by choosing a time frame, defining a budget and making a rough guest list. Next, pick a destination. Try to avoid destinations that are too far away as this will add to the cost and travelling time. Ideally, the destination should be away from your hometown but easy to access and convenient for all, like Panipat.

Next, try to zero in on the resort where you will host the wedding. This is crucial, especially for a destination wedding, as all the guests will be staying here, all the functions will be held here and the resort will source many of the wedding professionals. If you make the right choice, everything else will fall into place and you will be able to enjoy the wedding to the fullest without worrying about the details.

Where to Host?

There are several good hotels and resorts in and around Panipat that you can consider. Ideally, the resort should be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, have comfortable guest rooms and also have multiple venues to host different parties and functions. Additionally, the resort should be experienced and knowledgeable about hosting destination weddings.

Keeping these factors in mind, there is one resort that is ideal for a wedding in Panipat is the Vivaan Hotel located on Highway 1 near Karnal and Panipat. This hotel specializes in weddings and has organized some truly exquisite and wildly popular weddings in the recent past.

The Vivaan Hotel first became famous as a favorite stopping point for people travelling between Delhi and Chandigarh due to its amazing restaurant and outdoor food court. The Butter Parathas and Chole Bhatures at Vivaan are legendary and led to the construction of a modern and luxurious hotel with several venues for parties.

The idea took off almost immediately and the largest venue here, which can host as many as 2000 people, became hard to book due to it popularity. Since then, the hotel has added several smaller venues to make it one of the best places for parties and weddings. Today, the Vivaan Hotel offers turnkey solutions with an extensive team of wedding planners from all over India.

Vivaan’s Wedding team includes some of the most skilled florists, musicians, performers, ushers, make up artists, beauticians, caterers, decorators and other specialists in the industry. With the help of these capable professionals, the many venues at the hotel can be custom decorated to get exactly what you want and create the exact effect that you are looking for.

So if you are interested in organizing a destination wedding, the Panipat area is a good choice and the Vivaan Hotel is the perfect venue. With this combination, you are sure to have a smooth, successful and memorable experience that is also fun for everyone.







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