Wedding Resort near Sonipat: Price, Package & Stay

Sonipat is not just a great tourist spot but also a wonderful place for a weekend break, out of town party or destination wedding. Its close proximity to Delhi and the beautiful, open surroundings make it a convenient and suitable place that is sure to suit everyone and ensure a great gathering. Recently, Sonipat has really taken off as a preferable place for Destination Weddings.

If you live in Delhi or Chandigarh, Sonipat is really the deal location for everyone to meet up without the stresses of the city. People from all parts of the world can fly to Delhi and then drive down to Sonipat. Away from the metropolis, one finds that the people are better, the water is sweeter and the food is fresher. In an idyllic place like Sonipat, any Destination Wedding is sure to be a success.

Getting to Sonipat

The best part about Sonipat is its connectivity. Since it has been a strategic transportation crossroads since ancient times, there are many roads that lead to this historic town. The main road that runs from Delhi to Sonipat is NH7 and there are several other roads that connect it to nearby towns and also to Chandigarh.

Sonipat also has a train station called Sonipat Junction that is very convenient for visiting this city. There are around 20 trains that run daily between Delhi and Sonipat and there is also talk about extending the Deli Metro to cover Sonipat soon. This makes it an easy place to travel to and ensures that the resources available in Delhi are easy accessible from here.

If you are organizing a large wedding around Sonipat, wedding professionals and supplies can easily be bought in from Delhi or Chandigarh and guests also have many options to get here. There are also many courier services, taxi services and bus services that run between these towns and there are many suitable hotels in Sonipat for artists, organizers, guests, staff and domestic help.

The best part about Sonipat is that it has the feel of a small town but the infrastructure of a metropolis. The sheer volume of restaurants, cafes, government offices and branded stores in this seemingly rural place is truly impressive. If you decide to host an event here, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to supplies and facilities.

History of Sonipat

Being one of the main centers of Aryan settlement along the Yamuna River, Sonipat has a rich and interesting history that dates back to at least 1500 BC. It was once a prosperous and rich city and hence got the name “Swarna Prasta.” This means “Golden Place” in Sanskrit and this name evolved into “Shonaprasta” and then the “Sonipat” we know today.

The history of Sonipat melts into ancient mythology as it is said that Sonipat is one of the 5 original “Prastas” that Yudhishthira demanded from Duryodhana during the time of the Mahabharata. It was in this region that the war of Mahabharata was fought and there are still some remnants of those long lost events in and around Sonipat and neighboring Kurukshetra and Karnal.

Perhaps the most important historical event in modern times that took place in Sonipat was the Battle of Sonipat in 1709, a watershed moment in the history of India. In this battle, a small Sikh army led by Banda Singh Bahadur defeated the Mughal Empire and forever set the tone and boundaries of Mughal rule in India and the Mughal ruler’s uneasy relationship with Punjab.

The Best Venue for Destination Weddings

If you are looking to host a Wedding Resort near Sonipat, one of the best places in the region is the Vivaan Hotel on NH7 near Karnal. This is a wonderful oasis of civility and service on the highway that has long been the preferred rest stop for travellers negating these important routes.

Even in a region that prides itself on its fresh ingredients, good food and amazing Dhabas, The Vivaan Hotel is considered to be one of the best places for a meal. Its restaurant and outdoor food court are famous for their amazing menu and pitch perfect multi-cuisine dishes including such hits as Paranthas, Chole Bhature, Dal Makhni and more.

The rooms at Vivaan are even more impressive. Newly constructed with modern motifs, these excellent accommodations have all the fixings and facilities that one would expect from leading five star hotels in the great cities of the world. Large verandahs, comfy sitting areas, transparent shower stalls and modern electronics are just some of the things that make a stay at Vivaan truly special.

Where The Vivaan Hotel really shines is in the domain of event management. With 10 plus amazing venues of all shapes and sizes, The Resort offers complete turnkey solutions when it comes to throwing amazing events such as Destination Weddings. A complete team of wedding professionals ensures that every function is spectacular and guests are well taken care of. If you are thinking of hosting a destination wedding in or around Sonipat, the Vivaan Hotel is the natural first choice.

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