Wedding Resorts near Delhi

There are some amazing resorts around Delhi that are perfect for hosting the wedding of your dreams. From old forts to luxury hotels, you will be spoiled for choice if you are looking for a great resort for a destination wedding near Delhi. In this blog, we will look at Wedding resorts in general and then take a closer look at a specific resort that has all the requisite qualities for the ideal wedding.

Weddings resorts near delhi

What to Look for in a Wedding Resort

When looking at wedding resorts, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind. While many resorts offer spectacular designs and mesmerizing backdrops, there are some practicalities that you should consider before making your final decision.

Perhaps the most important logistical concern when booking a wedding resort is its is proximity to Delhi. A resort that is too far away will be cumbersome to travel to and may exhaust the guests before the event even begins. The ideal resort should be close to Delhi but far away to provide a peaceful and picturesque environment away from urban areas.

Wedding near delhi

Besides being close to Delhi, the resort should also be easy to find and access. Avoid resorts that are difficult to find and located in obscure areas and instead choose resorts that are close to the highway for easy arrival and departure. The last thing you need at a big event is people getting lost and getting delayed because the resort is hard to find.

The ideal wedding resort should also be luxurious and inviting to ensue that guests have a great time. However, the resort should not be so spectacular that it becomes the center of attention and over shadows the purpose of the gathering. If there are too many activities in and around the resort, guests may become distracted and miss out on the functions for which they have come.

A good wedding resort should also have amazing food. This can make or break an event as hungry guests can be grumpy and listless while satiated and happy guests make for happy events. It is a considerable challenge to come up with a menu that suits everyone and meets the high standards set our by the hosts. If the resort has a great tasting food and refreshing drinks, the event is sure to be successful.

A Good Wedding Resort near Delhi

One good wedding resort near Delhi that comes to mind is the Vivaan Hotel in Karnal. This is a famous spot that has long been renowned as one of the best places to stop for anyone travelling between Delhi and Chandigarh. The small dhaba that once wowed travellers with amazing parathas and chole-bhature has now grown into a modern and swanky hotel that has all the amenities you could expect from a world class property.

wedding resort near delhi

The Vivaan Hotel is well known for its food and hospitality but the rooms here are also quite amazing. Featuring modern architecture, bespoke furniture and the latest technologies, they are a pleasure to stay in. The guests who stay at the Vivaan can also access a small shopping gallery, outdoor food court and an activity center during their stay.

The venues at the Vivaan are top tier and spacious enough to cater to even the largest and most sophisticated gatherings. There is enough parking for all the guests at the property and the approach to the venue is well designed to welcome guests to the function in truly grand and royal fashion. The hotel also has a team of party planers and event managers that ensure that every event is truly special.








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