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Kurukshetra is a very interesting place. This is the spot where the Mahabharata is said to have been fought and also the place where the Bhagvad Gita was passed on to Arjuna and all mankind. The area has an abundance of red soil which, the legend goes, is due to the bloodshed during the Great War.

Even before the Mahabharata, Kurukshetra was known as the place where Rishis penned the Rig Veda and Sama Veda. It is the spot where Manu wrote the Manusmriti. Thus we see that Kurukshetra has always been the religious and spiritual capital of India since time immemorial.

Modern day Kurukshetra is a bustling town that offers a lot to visitors. Besides holy spots, historical places, interesting architecture and Mughal tombs, it is surrounded by wildlife and natural beauty. It is also a great place to go shopping where one can find interesting handlooms and pottery.


How to reach

Reaching Kurukshetra is very easy. From Delhi, simply travel north via National Highway 44 or National Highway 1. The town is located about 150 Kms north of Delhi, which takes about 2.5 hours to cover, depending on traffic. On the Ambala Highway, it is about 30 Kms north of Karnal and about 50 Kms south of Ambala.

You can also reach Kurukshetra by train. There are 34 trains that run from Delhi to Kurukshetra Junction. The best and fastest of them is the Kalka Shatabdi, which takes only 2 hours to cover the distance of about 150 Kms. This makes the city easily accessible and convenient for weekend getaways near Kurukshetra.


What to do

There are plenty of things to do and places to visit near Kurukshetra. You can start by just walking around town to get a feel for this amazing place. Everywhere you go, you will feel a subtle but unmistakable vibe that harks back to ancient times.

In Kurukshetra, you can engage in a variety of different and diverse experiences depending on your inclination and mood. Here are some of the best and most interesting places to visit on your trip:


  • Bhishma Kund – This is a famous and ancient underground water-well that is said to have been created by Arjuna when Bhishma Pitamah lay on a bed of arrows and wanted water to drink. According to legend, Arjuna built this pool of water by shooting an arrow into the ground.


  • Krishna Museum – This is an interesting and educational museum dedicated to lord Krishna. It houses several real and imitation statues dating back many centuries and also has modern and contemporary art and artifacts connected with his saga.


  • Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary – This is a protected natural reserve that covers over 4400 hectares of land. It was formed in 1988 and houses some interesting species of animal and plant life along with a natural, serene and peaceful ambience.


  • Jyotisar – This is fabled to be the exact spot where Krishna preached the Bhagvad Gita, an important Hindu Text. There is a tree here that is said to be the actual tree under which Krishna stood. The spot is now home to a beautiful statue of Krishna and also hosts shows that illustrate the history of this spot.


Where to stay

The best place to stay near Kurukshetra is the Vivaan Hotel and Resort in Karnal. This is a modern and luxurious resort right next to National Highway 1. It is only 30 Kms south of Kurukshetra and widely considered to be one of the best hotels in Karnal.

The Vivaan Hotel offers comfortable accommodations, mouthwatering food and great service. Its outdoor food café and indoor fine-dining restaurant serve impressive fare that is popular with travelers while the hotel is an oasis of luxury and comfort in an otherwise busy road connecting Delhi to Punjab.

The Vivaan Hotel also has an interesting outdoor area where kids can play games and a shopping arcade where you can buy travel essentials and supplies. Overall, if you are visiting Kurukshetra and are interested in checking out nearby attractions, The Vivaan is one of the best hotels near Kurukshetra that will make your trip a roaring success.


Frequently asked Questions:


Q1 What are the best options available to stay in Kurukshetra?

Ans. The Vivaan Hotel and Resort is easily the best option for a comfortable and luxurious stay near Kurukshetra. It is a modern hotel with contemporary rooms and quality food.

Q2 What is the most popular hotel in Kurukshetra?

Ans. The Vivaan Hotel is located close to Kurukshetra and is one of the best places to stay in the area. It offers a modern architecture, comfortable rooms and great food.

Q3 What are the famous places to visit in Kurukshetra?

Ans. There are many religious, mythological, cultural and natural wonders in and around Kurukshetra that are worth visiting. Chief amongst them is the Bhishma Kund, Krishna Museum, Jyotisar, Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary and Kurukshetra Science Museum.

Q4 Where can I go near Kurukshetra?

Ans. The most popular tourist places near Kurukshetra are: Karnal Lake, Pipli Zoo, Kos Minar, Babars Tomb etc.

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