Weekend Getaway From Delhi

Delhi is a vibrant and fun city but sometimes, you just have to escape.

Luckily, there are a lot of great weekend getaways from Delhi. One such option is Karnal. On the main NH1 highway, the way to Karnal is relatively good and there are a number of worthwhile attractions along the way. In fact, Karnal is so close that one can even take a one day trip from Delhi.

Some other locations around Delhi are also interesting and technically within 150 kms from the city but are hard to get in and out of because of road conditions, traffic conditions or other restrictions. One tends to spend the whole day getting there and then another day getting out, which leaves little time to enjoy the weekend.

There are a few good hotels in Karnal but they are deep within the city. The Vivaan Hotel and Resorts has the advantage of being outside the city and next to the main highway. From here, one can have easy access to Chandigarh and Delhi and also to many of Karnal’s attractions.


Attractions around Karnal

Around Karnal, there are a number of spots worth visiting. Chief amongst them are:
The Karnal Lake,
Karan Tal Park,
Baburs Masjid,
Chhachhrauli Fort,
Kalandar Shah’s Tomb,
Jumble Tumbe for kids

The Karnal Lake, also called Karna Tal, is a beautiful man made lake. It is perfect for boating and picnics on its lush green gardens. The gardens also have swings and a play area for children. The lake is next to the Karna Lake Tourist Complex, which offers excellent facilities for visitors.

Babur’s Masjid is a wonderful structure made all the way back in 1528. It was made by Mughal Emperor Babur himself to commemorate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi. The Mosque is a great example of early Mughal architecture and features a well that still works.


Comfort at The Vivaan, Karnal

The Vivaan Hotel offers some unique advantages that are perfect for weekend getaways from Delhi. The rooms are surprisingly comfortable and contemporary architecture, wooden flooring, see-through shower stalls and all modern amenities. There is also the option of staying in suites with a large sitting space and balcony.

Food at The Vivaan, Karnal

Compared with other restaurants in the area, the food is also very good at The Vivaan. Their restaurant serves some toothsome dishes from multiple cuisines and never fails to impress. While they retain some of the local flavor, the menu is truly world class.

The Vivaan also has a number of activities and shops on its property. Everything that weekenders need is available in the vicinity even though the property is surrounded by greenery. The staff at the hotel is very courteous and happy to help clients get what they need.

Banqueting and Conferencing

If you go there in a big group, you will get ample room to spend time together. The Vivaan has multiple halls, venues and common areas that can be used to do any number of activities in large groups. It has excellent conference rooms and organizes private dinners and events as per the client’s wishes.

The large Banquet Halls at the Vivaan can hold events for as many as 1500 people while the smaller rooms are perfect for intimate parties and get-togethers for 20-30 guests. The hotel allows and even encourages kitty parties and other celebrations and has several preset packages that guests can avail of.

Happy weekending!

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