Karnal Lake

The Karnal Lake is located within the Karnal District. This place is originally a complex with a man-made lake with an island in its centre. This island has dark foliage thanks to that, it's visited by a range of birds like kingfishers, swans, geese, ducks etc. water travel is additionally one amongst the special attractions of this place.

Cantonment Church Tower

The Cantonment Church Tower is an old 35m tower and a unique structure showcasing British architecture it can easily be viewed from a distance of 7-8 KM . This tower is also surrounded by a large ornamental cross.

The tomb of Kalander Shah

The tomb of Kalander Shah is situated near Karnal. It was being constructed by Ghias-ud-din, the emperor of Delhi, in the memory of famous Muslim sage Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah. there is also a mosque built by Emperor Alamgir with a fountain and reservoir in its premises.


Kurukshetra is a popular tourist place known as the place where the Mahababharata was fought between the Pandavas and the Kaurauvas, the epic site also has a Tirupati Balaji Temple.


Known for the first, second and third battle of panipat, Panipat is one of the oldest and historic cities in India also popular for its textile industry

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